About Me

Renee Naomi

Hey there! I’m a small town farm girl who moved to the big city at the age of 17.
I’m now 50 and fabulous.
I’m a mom of 4! Plus fur baby.
Lover of chocolate, jelly beans and coffee. Not regular coffee but fun coffee with flavours hot or cold.

2022 Renee Naomi Designs started as a fun hobby that I tried out. Since I’ve always had the need to create and be artistic, and things had taken its toll by 2022, I needed an outlet.
It developed into a passion and countless hours of tutorials, research, practice and fails, I found my rhythm. (Still countless hours, but better.)
It turned into something bigger than I expected. I can get lost designing & creating for hours and the surprise and joy it brings others, brings me joy and feeds my soul.
I’m a WIP to be authentic in everything I do. A huge learning curve and figuring out how to love myself is also a part of that.

I like good, kind humans. Laughter until tears, music and bright colours.
My family and framily fill my cup.

I love camping & the beach, and hope to have a trailer on or near the water one day.
I have a sarcastic sense of humour, the more the better. It’s my love language.
I’m a hugger.
I’m learning to run and hope to run a marathon one day.
I have big dreams and learning to take it small goal by small goal.
Here’s to a great 2023 with love and light from me to you.